Incomplete upload from EBSCO

Hey all,

Having an issue when saving to zotero from ebsco. When I upload a set of 10 or 20 documents at once from the main search page ( with all the articles of the search on one page ) it will upload only a portion of them to zotero. When analyzing the documents that don't get uploaded they doesn't seem to be a connecting theme and they open without issue from ebsco search engine. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    EBSCO will only allow a certain maximum number of items to be downloaded within a certain time interval. Ask your reference librarian about the limits inherent with your institution's subscription.

    You should be able to avoid this rate-limit by capturing the items one-at-a-time. That is unless you can mouse and click at the speed of a fast machine.

    In other words, this isn't Zotero-related but would occur with any or all reference managers that allow the rapid import of a list of items.
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