Zotero Quit Working - Apple IOS 12.2.1

I have two problems:

1. After updating my MacBook Pro's IOS, the ZOTERO on my computer quit working. When I attempt to open it, I get the following error message:

This ZOTERO database requires Zotero 5.0.97-beta.63+035aac30f or later. Current version: 5.0.906.4. Please upgrade to the latest version from xotero.org.

But when I download the current version from the Zoter.org website, it downloads Zoterio-

2. As a workaround, I have been using my online library for the past several days. However, as of today, my online library is empty. When I check on my library's status in settings, it says I have used 0 of my available storage.

  • (You mean macOS, not iOS.)

    This has nothing to do with updating the OS. You just were using the Zotero beta, and as it says on that page:
    note that beta versions occasionally update the database such that downgrading isn't possible without reverting to a backup copy of zotero.sqlite in the Zotero data directory or removing the local data directory and syncing to pull down data from the online library. You'll always be able to switch to the next major production release of Zotero.
    Zotero 6 will be out soon, so you should reinstall the beta and use that for now, and then switch to the release version of Zotero 6 when it comes out.
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