Zotfile annotations not sent to tablet

I followed multiple instructions online on the Zotfile / Tablet workflow with an iPad. I set up the Zotero side, annotated my pdf on my desktop, sent to tablet (through iCloud).

I then opened the pdf on the iPad in Adobe Acrobat.

My 1st problem is that my annotations on desktop do not show up on my tablet. I'm sent a blank pdf, which is great for annotating but this means while I'm not at my desktop I lose access to my previous annotations I made there. Is this intentional or a bug on my part?

The 2nd problem is that changes on the iPad are not extracted. I annotate on the tablet with Adobe Acrobat and checked if the changes were saved. The new pdf was uploaded by iCloud and my annotations could be seen if opened from the file browser on desktop. But the "Tablet (modified)" collection was empty and despite the file browser showing that the file was updated, Zotero did not find the changes and so I couldn't import them back into my desktop collection.

I'm not sure why this is. I followed two instructions (which were pretty much the same) down to the T but it just doesn't seem to work for me.
  • Which Zotero version?
  • The current up-to-date beta version, I’m not on desktop right now but the dev build was updated on february 10, I downloaded and faced this issue in the past few days.
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