Suggestion for editing citations interface in Word plugin

Sometimes I use "edit citation" button in Word to get information about the particular in-text citation. When a numeric citation is used, the only other option is to look at the bibliography in the end of the document, which can be slower for large documents.

1) single citation - edit citation window is opened at the last-used zotero folder. If the current citation belongs to this folder, then it is highlighted with a gray line. That is OK. But if the current citation do not belong to the last-used folder, then there is no hint what is the current citation. My suggestion is to add some field with short description of current citation to the interface.

2) multiple citations - it is more informative due to the right-hand field. However this field is usually rather narrow, so only a few words of the title are visible. I suggest to add tooltip feature to this field (show a full title when mouse pointer stops over an item) as is done for the central field.

3) another useful is to open item attachments from the "insert/edit window". In particular, I sometimes I need to check PDF file, corresponding to a particular in-text citation for some details. Now I can only do it through Zotero itself, which requires unnecessary many clicks.
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    RE 1) another solution would be to automatically select the My Library root if the item cannot be found in the currently selected collection/folder. I do this step manually sometimes.

    RE 3) this would be really helpful.
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