Feature request: Citation Preview for "Create Bibliography from..."

One thing I've noticed about my workflow is that I'm frequently checking what effect my metadata edits have on how a citation is formatted, especially for non-standard item types.

I think it'd be incredibly helpful to have a way to preview a citation without having to do quick copy over and over until I'm satisfied, much like ZoteroBib does as soon as one selects a new citation style.

Very rough mockup: https://ibb.co/W6h5yp4
  • Thanks for that tip. I'll definitely check it out for my own use.

    Any thoughts on similar features being rolled into Zotero more officially? I support a *bunch* of novice users. Generally, I've found, add-ons aren't particularly helpful for them, and pushing novices to add-ons makes user support that much more complicated.
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