How to delete attachments from a device without deleting them from the sync server

edited February 28, 2022
I bet the title does not make sense so let me explain.

I got one device that has attachments on the items (9 GB) and another that I do NOT want to have attachments, only the items, to save space. I recently bought the unlimited storage and I accidentally enabled the file sync to the second device and synced it.

What I want to do now is to mass-delete all the attachments from the second device WITHOUT causing Zotero to delete the attachments from the other device or the server if I sync it.

What's the safest way to do that? I was thinking of deleting the zotero folder altogether, and then to run sync again?
  • No need to delete the whole folder. Just delete the "storage" folder inside the Zotero data folder. (Obviously after turning off file sync).
  • It's not really good to delete the 'storage' folder — that'll wipe out files that make it possible to search for phrases in attachments.

    @MavropaliasG, if these are mostly PDFs, just do a search using your OS for PDFs within the 'storage' folder and delete them that way.

    An upcoming version of Zotero will let you choose how long to keep locally downloaded files when using "download as needed" mode in order to save disk space.
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