Locale of ordinal suffixes can't be tuned

Currently the locale for ordinal numbers is determined by Firefox locale. Zotero option extensions.zotero.export.bibliographyLocale does not work for ordinals. Neither default-locale option of the CSL can help (as it is not yet supported by Zotero).

For instance, I use Russian locale for Firefox, but want all my citations to be in English. Setting extensions.zotero.export.bibliographyLocale to en-US solves the problem for "and", "et al.", etc. But I see no way to make ordinal suffixes English instead of Russian.
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    Yes, in the current CSL processor, the strings used for ordinals are drawn from a localized file (zotero.properties) that provides the locale data for display purposes, and this follows Firefox. In the new processor (as required by CSL 1.0), these strings will be provided by the locale files used for localizing citation styles. The code in the new processor is written and working, but tying the processor into Zotero will require a signfiicant amount of additional work.

    So at the latest, this will be fixed when the new processor is deployed, which will probably be sometime early next year.
  • This I understand. The strange thing is that configuration option extensions.zotero.export.bibliographyLocale works for everything except ordinal suffixes. So that seems to be a bug, that is probably easy to fix.
  • (Sorry, I'm not a Zotero developer, I just built the new citation formatting engine.)
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