Webdav errors / Report ID: 502796113

Webdav errors / Report ID: 502796113
Since PCLOUD provider has deactivated the webdav option for free accounts, I had to switch to another (paid) PCLOUD account.
PCLOUD webdav has been successfully used with the free account until now.
Also, I have *at the same time* switched My Library to another *Zotero* account.
After having first successfully exported / re-imported my library from one Zotero account into another (the current one), the sync of attachment files to my (paid) PCLOUD webdav server reports many errors such as:
[JavaScript Error: "Your WebDAV server returned an HTTP 0 error for a PUT request.
If you receive this message repeatedly, check your WebDAV server settings or contact your WebDAV server administrator.

Any hints as to reason for these errors?
Francesco G.

  • 25/02/2022
    After many attempts to sync the attachment files, *it DID sync successfully at last* this morning to the PCLOUD webdav server.
    So you can disregard my request.
    However, perhaps you may give some reason for this kind of errors, if known to you.
    Thank you,
  • You'd have to ask pCloud, not us.
  • I will do that, and post their answer if useful.
  • edited March 8, 2022
    Hi FG @giannang-temp

    Any word from pcloud? Several others of us are having what appear to be related issues with pcloud. When I log-in to my pcloud account I notice my last modification of Zotero folder there was 02/10/2022. I wonder if this may be a clue as to when we lost sync (perhaps not since I don't use/sync every day so may be off by several days).

    pcloud does have Help and FAQs which I read through but none explicitly refer to webdav and I can't tell if any relate to webdav: https://www.pcloud.com/help.html
  • I did not ask any support from pCloud, since it now works perfectly (for me).
    Also, you must now have a paid pCloud account for the webdav to work.
    Webdav has been discontinued for free users.
  • Oh, so that is the answer "you must now have a paid pCloud account for the webdav to work. Webdav has been discontinued for free users".

    I suspected this. Thanks for confirming.
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