Does the new PDF reader include "Hover over link to preview" feature?

edited February 23, 2022
So that when you hover over a link (bibliography reference, footnote, etc...), a small popup appears and you can directly read the content. Also, if you hover over a link in the popup, another popup would appear, etc...

For papers including lots of hyperlinks, it would be such a time saver.

Here is what I mean :

Thanks !
  • It doesn't. But you can click the link and then hit cmd-[ to jump back to where you were, which is just about as good.
  • Thanks for your reply @fredcallaway.

    Unfortunately, having to constantly go back and forth between a document and bibliography references or footnotes is not frictionless, especially for scientific papers or technical documentation, for which Zotero is meant to be.

    I just wanted to share a marvelous PDF reader I was just advised : Sioyek ( This jewel seems to bring an answer to all these very questions, and much more, it's absolutely amazing. I am astonished that Acrobat Reader didn't implement all of this years ago. Right now, I can't think of a better combo than Zotero + Sioyek.
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