Incomplete hyperlinking of exported references

Hi, I just updated my style (technische-universitat-dresden-linguistik) by adding a prefix to the doi with the following code:

The output looks fine, but when I export a reference with cmd+shift+c and insert it in a Rich Text document, only the doi and not the prefix is hyperlinked (same result with drag'n'drop).

In markdown syntax, the result looks like this:

Mustermann, Max (2021): Kapiteltitel. In: Gates, Bill/Jobs, Steve (Hg.): Buchtitel (= Reihentitel 5). Musterstadt: Musterverlag. S. 1–20.[10.15/00001](

How can I fix this?
  • (you'd need to wrap the relevant CSL code in <code> </code> for it to show up here.)

    Does this also happen in other styles, e.g. Chicago (author-date)? Does it show that way in the style editor?
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