Hidden pref to allow beta updates?

Just wondering if there is a hidden preference anywhere in the Zotero config window that lets me change from being on the release stream to the beta version of Zotero? I use a domain connected laptop that is locked down so that i cannot install any software. I have Zotero installed through my software catalogue but I would like to be able to install the beta.

  • I tried changing the app.update.channel to "beta" but it didn't do anything.
  • No, you can only upgrade within the same channel, sorry.
  • @ben_a: But if you can't install any software, presumably Zotero can't update itself either, no? Otherwise you'd necessarily have write access to Zotero's Program Files folder and could swap in, say, files from the ZIP for the beta version.
  • Thanks Dan, the Zotero auto update works fine for me but I do not have write access to the Zotero Program Files folder. I have no idea why, it's very annoying!
  • @dstillman any news on Zotero 6 release date? I know you don't discuss it publically but it's been in development a long time, would be really nice to be able to upgrade since I can't use the beta...
  • Many thanks Dan and the team for releasing the Zotero 6 update, it is excellent and worth the wait! Funnily enough my work computer is so locked down I was not able to run the built in updater. But i reinstalled Zotero 5 from my work software catalogue and then ran the built in updater and it worked. I think maybe allows me to modify the install folder for a short period of time during install then lock again. I had to use this trick again to install 6.0.1 but its working well now!
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