Zotero Word PlugIn in browswer/teams

How to use Zotero Word plugin when sharing word documents via link (in browswer) or teams? Currently have opened the file in word application, but I do not see a way to use the zotero plugin in browser or teams, which would be handy for a seemless co-operation.
  • There's no Zotero plugin available on Word Online, because Word Online does not implement the necessary APIs that Zotero needs to create a plugin. If you share a document via OneDrive your colleagues can open it on their desktop version of Word where you can collaborate using the Zotero plugin.
  • Similarly, for Teams, you can click the Edit in Desktop App button to open the document in your desktop Word. Also, from the "Files” tab, you can click the Sync button, which will sync that Teams folder to your computer where you can interact with the files normally
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