How to extract reference and email the library

I have written a manuscript using Harvard referencing style. My document has about 100 references. My supervisor requested my reference library for editing the manuscript and he may change it to a different referencing style based on the journal.
1. How can I extract those 100 references in the document into a separate file to email?

2. I used Zotero. I think my supervisor use EndNote, will be able to edit my document with my referencing file?

Could you please help me with how to export (extract) all the cited references in my document to a file to email?

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    1. Do _not_ send your supervisor the only recent copy of your document with Zotero reference codes. The process your supervisor uses to open and save your document can damage the Zotero citation code fields. EndNote will not recognize Zotero citation fields and Zotero doesn't recognize EndNote fields.

    Send a copy with the Zotero codes flattened/removed and keep your own working copy. I insist that my students provide me only with a pdf copy of their report and I make editorial comments on the PDF. If you are going to have your supervisor electronically edit the document send a you back an edited copy of your word processor document, expect problems if s/he edits it and includes EndNote fields.

    2. You can export the references you used to a RIS file that your supervisor can open in EndNote. If your supervisor has references s/he wants you to add ask for an RIS file because it can be opened in Zotero. There are other ways to do this but this is simple, safe, and sure. You will not experience a loss of the work you have already done.

    Expect more later from me or from others here.
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    Thank you very much for your kind reply.

    How can I export the references I used to a RIS file that my supervisor can open in EndNote? Could you share a guideline if possible?

    The manuscript is already completed. This is for if we get a rejection from the current submission, we want to send it to the next journal. As I am not going to be available I want to provide references used in the manuscript, that they can tweek easily in the future.
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