iOS bug reports and feature request

I sent this to the devs via the Apple App store, but see in an update email that bug reports and feature requests should be posted here. I didn't see a master thread for this, so here goes


- sometimes (not sure the conditions to reproduce, just sometimes) when pressing "undo" after an annotation, the document will automatically scroll to the top of the current page

- often (again not sure of the specific conditions) when attempting to delete an annotation, the document will immediately close, returning us back to the library view. Opening the document again shows that the annotation was not deleted. Deleting it again often works.

-----Feature requests-----

- make black an available color for the pen tool

- It would be wonderful if the highlighter tool and pen tool could have colors selected independently. I almost always want to highlight in yellow, and almost always want to write in black. A unique color choice per-tool should be persistent.

- allow switching between the pen and highlighter tool with the apple pencil 2's double-tap feature (intended as a tool-switching gesture, available in most other apps)

Thanks so much for the hard work! The existence of this app has really streamlined my research workflow.
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