Using Zotero while having Zotero Beta installed, in order to use Safari Connector

Dear all,

in order to use the Zotero Safari Connector, I have downloaded the Zotero Beta version, after I have previously installed the normal Zotero version.

I understood that it would still be possible to use the normal Zotero, while having the Beta version installed in order to use the Zotero Safari Connector. However, after I installed Zotero beta, Zotero shows a message that asks me to upgrade, but afterwards says there is no upgrade available:

"Die Zotero Datenbank benötigt Zotero 6.0-beta.1+c6d03753f oder höher.

Aktuelle Version:

Bitte upgraden Sie auf die neueste Version von"

How is it possible to run the normal Zotero version while having the Zotero beta app installed? Or do I have to remove the beta version?

Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry — since those instructions were written, the beta required a DB upgrade that prevents (easy) downgrading. Zotero 6 will be out soon, so for the moment I'd recommend just running the beta, and you can switch back to Zotero 6 when it comes out. (We'll show a message encouraging people to do so, since so many people are running it for the new PDF reader.)
  • Thank you - very helpful!

    May I ask: can you tell me whether Zotero 6 will have the same layout like the beta version or will there be a makeover of the design of the reference-list? I have difficulties with the layout because Endnote etc. look and behave much more modern from my point of view, but I prefer the functionalities of Zotero.
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