Feature Requests for Multiple Source Citations

Hello -

In the Microsoft Word Zotero plugin, I find the Classic View far more useful for Multiple Source Citations. The newer dialogue view seems to jumble the text when one writes lengthy comments attached to the citations (as prefixes or suffixes). Also the Classic View has the preview Editor area, which is very useful. A few requests:

- Please show the author name along with the title in the Classic View multiple source window pane (right side inset area which lists the multiple sources in order).

- Please allow adding of a beginning or ending comments to the entire citation, which are not attached to any of the particular sources (thus not in the Prefix of Suffix fields of a citation). This is important in case one ends up adding or removing sources, or re-ordering sources; if one has to add the total citation's intro text to the first source, and then moves (or removes that source), that's clearly a problem. Similarly for ending text.

- Please make the Prefix and Suffix and Editor windows much bigger, for those of us who write lengthy detailed citation comments and explications (guilty as charged).

Thank you for considering these ideas....
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