Zotero PDF reader in 6.0 beta - how do I disable this?

edited February 14, 2022
I always click 'install' whenever Zotero prompts with minor or major version updates, and this round is quite a big change with the tabs!

I noticed that when click a PDF file linked to an item now open in Zotero as a new tab, not Acrobat. It must be a great addition for many, but I personally prefer work from Adobe Acrobat. That way I can save annotations directly to the PDF file on my Mac and can read or make further notes to it from my iPad using a dedicated PDF reader/editor app. The new Zotero PDF reader doesn't seem to save highlights to the original file, but those only live inside Zotero.

FYI, I maintain a separate lit folder where store articles and like to Zotero items, this is outside of Zotero library folder. This works for me as I switch between devices quite often and want to have files synchronised via cloud storage.

Also it's easier to have all the PDF files (Zotero-ed or not) from the single application that is Adobe Acrobat for me.

Could you please advise how I can disable 'open PDF in Zotero'? It's a default behaviour with version update to 6.0 beta and the only way I know I can open from PDF files in Acrobat is to choose 'show file' then open the file from the finder..

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