Feature request making MS Word zotero plugin dialog box read latex code


I am currently using the zotero plugin for MS Word. My idea for a new feature is the following. Instead of typing in one reference at a time in the "Add/Edit Citation" dialog box it would be nice if I could paste in a latex list of citations and it could then read all of them in one go.
Work flow example could be that I select 10 different sources in Zotero -> drag and drop them into word which creates/writes the latex code \cite{citekey1, citekey2, ..., citekey9, citekey10} -> Then copy this text into the "Add/Edit Citation" dialog box to add all 10 references in one go.
The new feature would be that "Add/Edit Citation" dialog box can read and understand the latex code.

Thanks for all the good work the zotero team is doing. I am relative new to zotero and already prefer it over mendeley which I came frome.
  • Zotero isn't a BibTeX tool, so this isn't going to happen.

    But there's been talk before of providing a way to select items in the main Zotero interface and click a button in Word to insert all selected items, so that might happen at some point.
  • Hi dstillman

    That sounds even better :-)
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