Suggestion: replace the discussions forum with something else


I’d like to suggest replacing the discussions forum. The current forum is really hard to navigate since all threads are just put in one giant list. There are no categories for different topics, and there is no distinction between suggestions and feature requests / bugs / announcements / etc.

I have a feeling that this leads to duplicate discussions, and generally is inefficient….

I might be alone in this opinion, but others might also agree with me.

Thanks for everything!

  • There are certainly things I'd like the forum to do better (markdown, say) but there used to be categories and it caused more confusion than it helped.
  • This discussion forum isn't perfect but it, in practice, is functioning far better than any other software support system I've used over the years.

    The only improvements might be to allow Boolean searches for topics. (But I've never seen that done well in any other support forum. People needing help do not necessarily describe their problem by using same words when describing the same issue.)

    I'd like to see a better way to indicate that a problem is solved.

    There are many stale topics that haven't been relevant since Zotero ver. 3. But some very old threads continue to be quite relevant 10+ years later.
  • In general, folks looking for support should just start new threads. It isn’t really a good use of time to try to search through the forum history looking for their issue.
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