Can I share a Zotero profile with all plugins set up with several users?

If install and configure Zutilo and BibTex on one of my profiles, can I then zip that Zotero folder and distribute it to my students, without having them install and configure anything themselves? Wouldn't that create problems because IDs for items will not be unique any more?
  • I wouldn't recommend trying to do this — it's in a folder the OS hides by default for a reason, there are various ways to mess it up, and there are settings in the profile that aren't meant to transfer between different computers or users. Even if you just copied specific lines from prefs.js, trying to apply those lines on a new computer would likely be hard for most people.

    Anything you do here is likely much more complicated and error-prone than just making a PDF with some screenshots showing how to install the plugins and configure a few settings.
  • @dstillman Thanks! That's what I thought.
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