Batching "import annotations" and "store annotations in file"?

I love the new internal PDF reader and annotation system. And the "import annotations" and "store annotations in file" commands could be extremely useful for two things:

1) I've got thousands of PDFs with annotations written into each file, from before Zotero 5


2) I sometimes still need to mark up PDFs without using the new native Zotero PDF editor, e.g. on an e-ink tablet that cannot run Zotero. Zotfile empowers me to transfer the files, but as of now, it does not transfer the annotations for understandable reasons.

For both of these use cases, it'd be a huge help if I could apply the "import annotations" command or the "store annotations in file" command in one step to a selected group of several references.

As noted in [this thread]( from a few days ago, it might further be useful if a future version of Zotfile were to trigger those commands automatically when sending or getting PDFs.

Is there currently a way for me to manually apply the "import annotations" or "store annotations in file" command to a group of references? If not, is it on the roadmap?

Many thanks,

  • Maybe you could open a feature request on the ZotFile github repo to ask for this behaviour ?
    I agree with you, this feature would be very useful for annotating in devices who do not support Zotero (a Kobo for example!).
  • Regarding 2), what would be really cool is if the guys from could support the Zotero API: then we could import a PDF directly on the e-ink tablet, annotate there (koreader keeps annotations seperate from the PDF, just like Zotero) and sync back.
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