6.0 Beta:Underline of View menu

hi all

No underline was found for the View menu similar File, Edit, Tools, Help in the beta version and 5.*. Therefore we can not select View after press Alt key. And the up and down arraw do not work when I select the View using mouse or right arrow after press Alt. I would like to use this for creating a shortcut of enlarging the font size of UI and Notes.


  • The arrow keys should work fine in the menus, and do for me. You can also jump to a menu entry without an underline by pressing the first letter of the entry. E.g., select the View menu → F (for Font Size) → B (for Bigger).
  • edited February 10, 2022
    However, Alt+V can not activative View ment, and Alt + F , E, T can activative File, Edit, Tools, respectively.
  • Ah, I see. OK, we'll see if we can fix that.
  • Thanks. And the arrow keys work for File, Edit, Tools, Help menus, but DOESN'T WORK for VIEW. Luckily, first letter method works.
  • OK, both of these will be fixed in the next beta — thanks.
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