Report ID: 2139291921 - Word Plugin Error: "Zotero experienced an error updating your document."


we are trying to push Zotero at our University and for this reason we have deployed Zotero on the standard-clients and scheduled a workshop to show students the basic functions. Our Institution uses Microsoft Application Virtualization and Roaming Profiles. We work on WINXP with Word2007.
Our Problem: after upgrading to the latest Version of Zotero (2.0b7.4 and the Word-Plugin 3.0a3) Zotero still works, but the Word-Plugin does not work anymore.
After creating a new document we get the Error "Zotero experienced an error updating your document.", when we click on an icon in the Zotero-Toolbar.

I have already tried the "Reinstall Word Components" - Button - with no effect.

Any help very appreciated as the workshop should start soon,

thanpks a lot,
Frank from Austria
  • This issue is almost certainly related to Microsoft Application Virtualization. I'm not sure what configuration options you have, but for Zotero to work, it must be possible for Firefox to automate Word using OLE automation. From the looks of it, this isn't working properly on your setup. I see that Microsoft Application Virtualization theoretically supports this, but I have no experience with it and thus I can't really help you out. If your university has capable IT staff, you might want to ask them for assistance.
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