6.0 Beta: Plugins cannot be installed

This discussion was created from comments split from: Zotero does not run under macOS 12.3beta.
  • However, almost all the add-ons can not be installed on this beta version. So sad!
  • All plugins that rely on the npm zotero-plugin package should update to the latest zotero-plugin version, rebuild, and republish, which will update the install.rdf. New release for BBT is running through the test suite and will drop soon.

    On the dev builds page, Mac and Windows Zotero releases have been updated to 6.x, but the linux builds (which I use in my tests) are still at 5.0.97, otherwise my test suite would have picked up the incompatibility.
  • As I noted on the dev list, though, plugin authors can also just update the update manifest (e.g., update.rdf) on their servers if the plugin is already compatible with the beta. There shouldn't be a need to release a new version just for install.rdf.

    New Linux beta builds marked as 6.0 will be out shortly.
  • Oh really, the install.rdf isn't checked at install time? But the upgrade requirement stands for plugins that use zotero-plugin to publish plugins on github, not so much then to push out a new release right now, but the next release published would revert the upgrade.rdf to a version that does not list 6.x. That is prevented by upgrading the package.
  • Is it possible to downgrade to the previous beta while we wait for developers to update their plugins? I use Safari and need the beta for the Zotero connector, but also rely on the ODF scan and Better BibTex plugins.
  • BBT has been updated. You can force an upgrade via the addons menu.
  • ODF Scan should be OK, too, but please report any issues.
  • Are there any ways to convert the database from 6.0 to 5.0?
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