Small suggestions/bugs/request for PDF annotations.

Apologies if this is already mentioned before, i'm new to Zotero and forum writing. Feel free to move this to a more relevant topic.

1. Minor issue with colouring of annotations. I do not use this myself but noticed it by accident. If you insert an annotation from a highlighted text, and then ask Zotero to highlight the annotation based on the highlight used on the text, it works well. However, the colour does not update if you later change the colour in the text so it only captures the colour arrangement at the time the annotation was made.
Sometimes people use colour codes when taking notes and if they decide that the colour used has now a different context, it will require that you update things manually as well.

1a. This points to a request of being able to filter annotations based on colours.

2. When an annotation is made you also collect information about the page. The annotation however currently only specifies the absolute page number, which may not match the actual page number. Would it be possible to have the option to change it so that it shows either or both the absolute page (where p.1 is the front page) and indicative page (where p.1 is when the book starts enumerating pages).

Many thanks!
  • 1) Do you mean for annotations that are added to a note? If so, then no, after the insertion they are no longer tied to the original annotation in the PDF.

    1a) Annotation filtering by color or tag is already implemented in the latest Zotero PDF reader.

    2) Zotero PDF reader tries to extract a page number from the actual page, if that doesn't work it falls back to page index. And you can edit page numbers as well – just double click a page number.
  • 1) Ah, that is fair enough. It would be nice to have them linked, but I imagine that this opens all sorts of cans of worms.
    1a) really? When I open the search bar either on the sidebar or in the notes section I don't seem to be able to see how to filter things out.
    2) Are you referring to the sticky notes? I just tried it and that was great! Had no idea! I tend to look at the notes that are on the right-hand side bar as I always have a habit of clicking and then "Add to Note". I don't think you have an option for that there, do you?
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