Reporting some bugs on Zotero Beta iOS

edited February 8, 2022
1. In the PDF reading mode when I insert a comment or add a comment to a highlighted text, if I make a typo inside the comment box then I select the word to chose the suggested correction by the iOS built-in dictionary, the word won’t be corrected and Zotero will ignore this command.

2. Also when I finish modifying an existing comment inside a PDF and click anywhere outside the comment box to close it and go back to the article, sometimes the file closes unexpectedly and sends me back to the library instead. This happens occasionally with no specific sequence or schema but it’s very annoying.

The 2 following bugs I already reported them in recent separate posts but I will just list them again here for record since they didn’t get a follow up yet:
1. the only way to interact with text functions and options inside a note is through touch screen, trackpad seems not to be supported yet.
2. Whenever I modify an item (add new note, change metadata..etc) I will get the following warning message, video:

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