I like the 97 features


I'm using 5.0.97-beta.65+15ae72d14 and I LOVE the new feautres. I would like to use these features for my masterthesis, but I'm a bit afraid because it's beta.

When is the release planned? Thank you!
  • I'm having the Beta installed and I can only say, that I really love how the new version is comming along.

    Zotero is getting better and better.
  • Zotero doesn't typically provide release dates -- though good chance it's relatively soon.
    That said, obviously no guarantees, but I'd feel comfortable using the beta version on large, important projects like MA or even PhD theses. It's been in beta for quite some time and has been quite stable for some. If something breaks it's most likely going to be a temporary loss of functionality and *very, very* unlikely to be data loss.

    And obviously you should have good back-ups anyway, whether you're using the beta version or not.
  • Ok thank you.

    I read somewhere, that the beta installations get automatic updates..
    - Is that a problem when working with a group (considering all are on a beta installation), so maybe not all will always have the exact same version..?
    - When the release is out, will the automatic update go to the offical version, or will it stay on beta, like switching to the next major branch?

    <<obviously you should have good back-ups anyway
    How do I back-up "good"? Just copying the whole Data Directory?

    I read somewhere, that backups created form Zotero could theoretically get corrupted somehow. Even I don't understand yet how that is done excactly.
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    Everyone not being on the exact same version is not a problem. In my team I'm the only one on the beta, and even that is unproblematic

    You'll stay on beta by default, but can easily revert back once 6.0 is out simply by installing the stable version on top of the beta. That's typically possible, the current situation where the databases aren't compatible is.the exception.

    Back-up: yes a copy of the data folder, though ideally that should be part of a periodic automated Back-up of your hard disk, not something you do manually. And no, those wouldn't get corrupted
  • So now the beta channel is on 6.0.x but the release is still on

    Will there be an official 5.0.97?
  • Very likely not, no
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