importing from arXiv=article item type, importing from biorXiv=report item type

As the title says, importing from both preprints repositories yields inconsistent item types. Importing from gives "article" items too.

I haven’t checked chemrXiv or medRxiv, but I guess those should be harmonized.
  • Is this the right place to report this?
  • yes -- arXiv has a bit of a weird history and is treated as journal article because of how common bibTeX templates work. Still we're likely going to change this. The right way to add preprints is what happens at biorXiv and the OSF preprint servers, i.e. as Document or Report with (importantly) type: article in the "Extra" field, which will turn them into "Preprint" once Zotero has that item type, which is in the work.
  • Excellent. Thanks for the reply @adamsmith.
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