[Screen-reader Accessibility] Cannot move items between collections via keyboard

Hello, I am a screen reader (i.e., JAWS and NVDA_ user on Windows. In the latest version of Zotero (V, there is no way for keyboard-only user like me to move an item from one collection to the other because it requires a drag-and-drop mouse interaction. Would you please consider adding a keyboard shortcut key to address this issue? That would be greatly appreciated.
  • Yes, that's a known issue and this has been planned for some time.
  • Great! I could really use this too because I use Talon Voice to control my computer due to hand/wrist issues.
  • Note that in current versions, you can add items to other collections from the context menu, so if you can open the context menu via the keyboard you can use that.
  • Thank you, that does help!
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