accentuated characters are not imported correctly

Importing for instance this publication:
...leads to accents (in the title) being replaced by "??".

I’m not sure if this is specific to Worldcat (I think not) but it happens quite frequently for items descriptions which contain accents in any of their fields.
  • It's a known issue specific to Worldcat and an issue specifically about their data -- nothing we can do about that, unfortunately (you can look at Cite/Export --> Export to Reference Manager on Wordcate). If you find this with data from anywhere that's not worldcat, please report it separately.
  • Right, no problem. Is there a way to disable worldcat import when entering a DOI/ISBN in the "add item by identifier" box?
  • No -- but you're currently seeing it used more often that usual because one of the main services Zotero is using, the Library of Congress's look-up, is down.
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