iOS beta: App won't run on 15.4 beta

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  • @dstillman
    I have no debug ID to report. The app can’t run on iPad OS 15.4 beta. Either quits instantly after a flash of the Home Screen background image or the Z shows forever. If I recall it correctly the app ran fine after a reinstall, but only until the first run of the share extension? I shared a crash report at the single event it showed up.
  • Hi @erdoke, I was able to find some crash logs from you on TestFlight. There seems to be an issue when trying to display collections so that's why you always crash. Could you please open Zotero on your desktop or web and make a screenshot of your collection list? If it's too long or complicated let me know.
  • @michalrentka
    Interestingly enough, the current Zotero beta runs fine on iOS 15.4 beta, so it seems to be limited to iPad OS. This is a screenshot from my phone I just made.
    You can estimate collections complexity from that I guess? Whether this is too extensive is debatable though, especially given that it caused no such problems before this beta of iPad OS.

    (I rarely use it on my phone. Now it seems that search doesn’t work properly on the phone. I search for a very specific study with full title and a lot more results are shown.)
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    To sum it up, both Zotero beta in my phone and PaperShip on my iPad handles my collection without issues. It’s only Zotero beta on the iPad that crashes.
    I just reinstalled it again and will report when the app stops launching. It seems that I have to restart the iPad for the share extension to show up after the Zotero reinstall. Restarting Safari was not enough.
    Edit: Zotero still works following iPad restart and after saving a paper through the share extension. I keep monitoring events…
  • I don’t know whether you adjusted something, but this second reinstall has been free of issues so far.
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    Unfortunately, for a day or so, there have been again collection syncing issues. I still can save papers to Zotero though, just without selecting a collection. See error message, which is totally a new type of feedback from the share extension, in the following screenshot:
  • We should have a fix for this next week.
  • That’s good news, because the problem is back. Both the app and the share extension started crashing at launch again.
  • (First of all, thanks for the implementation of collection PDF downloads in the iOS app!)

    Just now, following an iPad restart, the latest Zotero build 199 started crashing on iOS 15.4 final. Both on app launch and the share extension. Bug report ID 325390361
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    The above may be connected to file downloads, because after a second device restart the app started successfully launching, but many PDFs in recently added items were missing. Following the download of these attachments the app started crashing again. Another report ID 1140542650
  • The problem suddenly returned. It started with a Safari share extension export which crashed. Since then Zotero can’t start up properly on my iPad. (iOS 15.4 final, Zotero latest beta). Device restart didn’t solve the problem.
  • Do you get a Report ID after the crash? We're not seeing a crash for you in TestFlight.
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    @erdoke: Also, to confirm, you've switched to the new beta channel? The old one is no longer active.
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    I got no Report ID, because opening the app was just a flash of the screen. It was virtually identical to the problem above, hence the amending of that conversation.
    I had to reinstall the app, because I’m working on a conference talk now. It works as expected following the reinstall.
    (Yes, I’m in the new beta channel, version 1.02)
  • After a device restart the problem arose again. I’ve added this info into the crash report. No Report ID as starting Zotero results in a screen flash only.
    Should I revert to the stable version, or this is supposedly not beta related?
  • @erdoke can you try to go to Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics & Improvements -> Analytics Data and find zotero log there on your iOS device? If you do, please send it to
  • @michalrentka
    I apologize, but I had to reinstall the app again. This time to the ‘stable’ release. As I pointed out above, I’m working on a conference talk this week, so really no time for not working catalog apps.
  • @erdoke the log should be stored there even if you reinstalled. I understand if you don't have time for this now. If you find some time later, you can do it then.
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    There’s no ‘Privacy’ option in Settings.
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    This is in the iOS Settings app, not the Zotero settings pane.
  • Oh, OK, I’m totally focused on something else…
    There are about half a dozen logs for the last two days showing up there. It seems that I have to send them one by one, but OK, sending them now.
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    Just one is fine. Thanks.
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    Sent a few before seeing your comment and sent the (hopefully) last one for the beta version now. You can probably disregard previous ones.
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