iOS: three problems / requests re UI

1. Search items by tags.
Where to search for tags? I’d like to find all items that have one or more tags. Is there already tag search? Would have to be more intuitive to find. If there is no tag search, feature request to add it.

2. Scrolling in notes on iPhone X.
When typing in a long note, I fail the to get the formatting bar in the editor to display by scrolling up in the note. Moreover, some parts of the note cannot be accessed. Scrolling seems to also randomly “stop” while scrolling down so that I can’t reach the bottom of the note.
(Can upload a video of behaviour if it helps)

Feature request: as in Apple notes, have main formatting options available in a bar over the keyboard. (Indent, list).

3. Adding folders in collection:
currently I can add folder when browsing libraries. Need to select parent as part of adding folder/ collection. But this dialogue of parent selection has collection tree in all expanded. This is practically not usable in large libraries with loads of subfolders.

Feature request: dialogue of parent selection
should start with all folders collapsed. should be able to expand and collapse folders in collection when selecting parent folder.

Thank you and best wishes,
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