Zotfile - convert new imported file attachments to linked file attachments

edited February 2, 2022
I have not been able to use Zotfile to automatically convert new imported file attachments to linked file attachments.

Under ZotFile Preferences > General Settings > Location of File, I set the custom location to be the cloud storage folder in which I would like my Zotero files to be stored.

Then, I tried to add a linked file by dragging a PDF from my desktop into my library. The PDF gets stored on Zotero - rather than as a linked file stored in my cloud storage folder.
It only coverts to a linked file stored in my cloud storage folder when I click "rename and move". However i would like this to happen automatically.

How can I fix this?
  • ZotFile doesn't automatically move PDFs dragged to Zotero (and never has). Automatically moving only works for files that are attached by web translators, the default way of getting PDFs into Zotero. For drag&drop --> retrieve metadata you need to manually move using Manage Attachments --> Rename Attachments.
  • Sorry to jump in on this, but I have a related question (that seemed to get buried in the discussions) that perhaps might be useful to both of us. I too am storing linked attachments in a cloud folder. Previously, I had set things up (via zotfile) so that when I 'attach link to file' and select the file in my downloads folder, it would automatically rename the file and move it to a designated cloud folder. Now that is no longer working -- the file is automatically renamed but it remains in my downloads folder. Anyone have an idea what might be going on? Thanks!!
  • @srp152 Did you change the setting of ZotFile, especially the Locations of files in General Settings
  • No, haven't touched those settings. I still have the location of files set to my google drive folder.
  • edited February 3, 2022
    Will the attachment move to the google drive folder, when right click the item and Manage Attachments-Rename attachments
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