Coordinating and automating ZPDF Reader and Extraction highlight colors and tagging colors

edited February 1, 2022
I feel it would help writer workflows for the use of tag colors in Zotero main and highlight colors in ZPDF Reader to be more coordinated such that when setting (1-9 tag colors) this also creates those highlight colors for use in the ZPDF Reader as highlight colors.

And, then when those tag colors are used to highlight texts in the ZPDF Reader and extracted, notes will automatically be tagged according to that tag-highlight color.

This would allow colored tags to be used as general categories and more easily used consistently across Zotero, Zotero Notes, and ZPDF Reader without additional user clicks and intervention.

BTW, really like that when the colored tags are used, there is a color indicator that shows up for the item in Zotero reference list.
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