Ipad inking: notes are in the wrong place on desktop viewer (report ID 412282728)

Hi - loving the support for iPad inking.

One issue that's arising is that, for some (but not all) pdfs, when I open the pdf on the desktop, the inked notes have shifted somewhat on the page, e.g. underlines and highlighting aren't aligned with the text they were originally meant to align with

Have checked back on the iPad and they're still in the right place. Tried syncing but didn't help.

And not able to reliably reproduce: it happened for one pdf, then seemed to resolve itself, but is now happening again with a different pdf (which did have some trouble loading, this is what generated the error report ID 412282728). Other recent pdfs appear unaffected.

iPad is a 3rd gen iPad Pro (12.9 inch) running IOS 15.0.2 running the latest version of the IOS beta app.
  • @htemby Could you make a screenshot with the misaligned annotations? Also it would be helpful if you could send the same PDF file to support@zotero.org (and included a link to this thread).
  • @htemby Screenshots aren't sufficient to reproduce the issue. Could you also send us an example PDF?
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