Feature request : annotation extraction beta

It would be a great help to be able to insert a tag into the notes to split the annotated text into separate notes for each of the chapters or sections. Thanks!
  • Sorry, could you say more about how you envision that working?

    If you tag annotations, you can already filter by tag, select all, and add to a note. You're looking for the ability to create separate notes in one operation? That would be doable for colors, but there can be any number of tags, so splitting doesn't really make sense in the same way for those.
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    Tags is a poor term for what I meant. Separate notes for each colour would be useful. But being able to insert a string into the pdf as a comment that creates a new note -- for a chapter or section -- would be great.
  • I can see how to filter tags by colour, and how to export individual annotations to a note, but I don't see how to export all the selected annotations of a particular colour to a note. Is there a way?
  • Click a color, click an annotation, Cmd/Ctrl-A to select all, drag to note.
  • Truly a great feature, thanks. It's going to generate a lot of pressure to allow editing of all the old annotated pdfs. Do you think there might be a way to do that programmatically?
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    You know about "Import Annotations…" in the File menu of the PDF reader?
  • Hadn't tried to make it work. This allows me to change the colours on existing annotations! Excellent. I can die now.
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