Issues shared via iPad

I have raised many issues right from the app (or test flight) with screenshots. I don't have any idea where they go or if they reach the developers at all. Should I raise them here exclusively and not from inside the app?

  • Yes, you should report them here exclusively. If you have a screenshot to share, you can upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive) and provide a link here.

    We look at issues reported via TestFlight occasionally in case people miss the request in every beta email to post here, but this is where all support happens.
  • Posting on the forum is a bit difficult via ipad and way easier on test flight :D
    But I will keep it in mind, thanks!!
  • You can submit a screenshot via TestFlight if that's easier, but be sure to also post to the forums and say you did so, or else there's no guarantee we'll see it and you won't get a response.
  • Yes, I will post here any important bug report
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