Bluebook style: How to remove URL:s in non-web sources?

I need to use the Bluebook citation style for a paper (I'm using standard Zotero, not Juris-M). It works fairly well, but for any cited source where there's an URL in my Zotero library, the style will include it, even if the source is, say, a book chapter. It's redundant, adds to the word count and makes the references look messy with long URLs.

Here's an example of a book chapter citation:

Martin Sunnqvist, The Changing Role of Nordic Courts, in RETHINKING NORDIC COURTS 167–183, 169 (Laura Ervo, Pia Letto-Vanamo, & Anna Nylund eds., 2021), (last visited Jul 7, 2021).

I'd prefer, though, not to remove the URLs one by one from my Zotero library (unlike a reader of the paper, I might need them, plus it feels backwards to change things in the library rather than in the citation style).

So how can I edit the style to remove the URLs for non-web sources?
  • In Zotero itself, click on "Edit", "Preferences", switch to the "Cite" pane and uncheck "Include URLs for papers..." at the bottom.
  • I don't think that works for book chapters?
  • Thanks for the quick response – unfortunately, however, it doesn't work. The URL is there whether the option is checked or not.
  • Which Bluebook style are you using? There are 3.
    Then we can specify how to edit the style to get rid of it.
  • Thanks, I'm using Bluebook Law Review.
  • Does anyone know of a solution to this issue?
  • edited February 2, 2022
    Replace the access macro with this:
    <macro name="access">
    <if type="webpage post post-weblog" match="any">
    <text variable="URL"/>
    <group prefix=" (" suffix=")">
    <text value="last visited" suffix=" "/>
    <date variable="accessed">
    <date-part name="month" form="short" suffix=" " strip-periods="true"/>
    <date-part name="day" suffix=", "/>
    <date-part name="year"/>

    General instructions:
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