Zotero for iOS beta 1.0(182) crashed on iPad and won't reopen

edited January 22, 2022
I'm running Zotero for iOS beta on iPad on iOS 15.2.1

Today I opened Zotero on the iPad and it froze. I force restarted the iPad and now when I open Zotero I just get the window that says Zotero crashed would I like to share additional information with the developer. It doesn't open.

The iPad is up-to-date, Zotero is up-to-date. Zotero is running fine on my Macbook pro. Suggestions?
  • Update: Debug ID D1897954610
  • What exactly happens after it prompts you to share additional information?
  • edited January 23, 2022
    After the prompt I get a Feedback page where I can enter text about what happened and Submit to Apple for sharing with Zotero. It doesn't matter if I click No thanks or Cancel on feedback or Submit. It then goes back to my iPad home page and Zotero doesn't open.
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