Uploading pdfs from Android

Hello everyone,

tl;dr pdfs are opened in pdf apps, not browsers, so the bookmarklet trick does not work.

I've already seen the bookmarklet trick, but this only works if you're able to open the link in your browser. There are a lot of materials (specifically, pdfs) that are either emailed, sent to me via WhatsApp, or which are uploaded on slack. At present, I cannot find a way to open pdf's on a browser, so the bookmarklet trick doesn't work. My only workaround has been to upload the pdf into google drive, and then drag/drop the pdf into zotero when I get back to my desktop. This becomes especially tedious when I have multiple files, and I'd love to find some alternative. Please help.
  • I download any PDFs I want to add to Zotero and then upload them from the web application in one go -- the mobile interface is quite good.
    Note that you'll want to run retrieve metadata once you get back to the desktop app -- that doesn't happen automatically in the web application.
  • I should have thought of that :P
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