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edited January 21, 2022
Report ID: 1661039569

CSL term original-work-published throws error at importing of CSL

I am currently updating the CSL of "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie" (DGP) where I have to add citation rules for translated work.

Therefore I want to use the term "original-work-published" to localize the the bibliography entries. The term is listed in the CSL specs (

If I use the term in the CSL file, Zotero throws an error while importing it, stating that the file is not valid. After import, the CSL is working correctly and doing exactly what it's supposed to do. So I assume it might be an Issue with the validation process only.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Take any CSL and add the following term:
term name="original-work-published"
2) Import the CSL in Zotero

Let me know if any more information is needed.
  • I don't believe Zotero has been updated to CSL 1.0.2 and the term is new in that recently released version. See
    The changes should be fairly simple, so I'd expect that to happen pretty soon in the beta (not sure if 5.0 is going to get another release)
  • Thanks Adam. What would be the suggestion on how to proceed with the CSL update I wish to make? Should I avoid the term unless Zotero has implemented the CSL 1.0.2 and implement it at a later stage?
  • No, please start updating the style to 1.0.2 for CSL purposes.
    Zotero can decide to either update software to validate 1.0.2 styles or pull only from the (frozen) 1.0.1 branch of the repository.
  • Adam, I have another question. My update of the CSL was merged into the master branch and now I can load it in Zotero. However, Zotero is not happy with the CSL verison. My question is: do I have to change version="1.0" to version="1.0.2" in the top style definition in order for Zotero to not fetch this CSL (yet)?
  • No, Zotero just needs to update the built in validation. The style will still install band work. It just produces the warning
  • Thanks for the clarification Adam!
  • @dstillman -- any chance of getting to this in the near future? We're hoping to update major styles like APA and Chicago with some of the new terms soon, and that'll cause all kinds of havoc if it causes a warning every time.
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