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Hello all,

I'm currently working on my master thesis and unfortunately I can't find a style that fits my requirements. Can someone create a style for me?

In the bibliography:
Collective works:

[author's last name], [author's first name abbreviated] ([year]): [title of contribution], in: [name of ed.], [first name of ed. abbreviated] (ed.), [title of anthology], [series if applicable], volume if applicable [no.], [no. of edition] edition, [place]: [publisher], p. [page count range].

Meyer, C. (1995): Moderne Ansätze im Controlling von Dienstleistungsunternehmen, in: Fickert, H. (Hrsg.), Management accounting im Dienstleistungsbereich, 4. Auflage, Bern: Haupt, S. 11-44.


[author's last name], [author's first name abbreviated] ([year]): [title], [edition (if > 1)], [place]: [publisher].

Coenenberg, A./Fischer, T./Günther, T. (2012): Kostenrechnung und Kostenanalyse, 8. Auflage, Stuttgart: Schäffer-Poeschel.

Journal article:

[author's last name], [author's first name] ([year]): [title of article], in: [name of journal] ([common abbreviation of journal, if applicable]), [no. of year] ([no. of issue]), p. [page count range].

Knauer, T./Wömpener, A. (2012): Determinanten des Prognoseverhaltens der Unter- nehmen des Prime Standards, in: Die Betriebswirtschaft (DBW), 71 (2), S. 115- 135.

Online document:

[author's last name], [author's first name] ([year]): [full link], [location] (retrieved on [date of page view]).

Handelsblatt GmbH (2013): erkte/marktberichte/boersen-fernost-us-haushaltsstreit-drueckt-aktien- kurse/8928220.html, Düsseldorf (abgerufen am 12.09.2013).

In footnotes:

Author (year), p. 10.

It is important here that if there are MORE than three authors, "et al." must be used.

I really need this help !

Many greetings
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