Zotero extension for Safari 15.2?

I cannot find Zotero extension for Safari 15.2?
  • There's another thread somewhere discussing this. To use the Safari connector, do the following:

    1. Download the Zotero beta for Mac. Due to issues with Safari's handling of extensions, there currently no separate Zotero Connector available for download.
    2. Once you have installed and configured the beta version of Zotero for Mac, go to "Safari --> Preferences"
    3. Click on "extensions" to see your currently installed extensions.
    ---- "Zotero Connector" will be listed with the installed extensions. Enable the extensions.
    4. et VoilĂ 

    I just followed this exact procedure using the following:
    - macOS Monterey v12.1
    - Safari 15.2
    - Zotero 5.0.97-beta.63+035aac30f

    I successfully added an article from The Washington Post to my library just prior to posting this reply.
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