viewing attachments on ipad

I have Zotero set up on laptop and computer and all links well. have just set up on iPad but can't access attachments. have followed instructions to install papership but unclear how this should work. is it correct that papership just sits in background managing links and I access Zotero library via chrome/ in order to pick up links?
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    An official Zotero iOS app is in beta. Until that's available, you can access files via the web library. That doesn't have anything to do with PaperShip, which is a third-party app that's no longer maintained by its developer. Some people still use it, but we can't vouch for it. (But no, it doesn't "sit in the backup" — no iOS apps work that way.)
  • thanks for response - the access wasn't working, then seemed to start once I installed papership. from what you're saying this sounds like was just a coincidence. when I googled there was a lot about 'bookmarklet' - but I couldn't make sense of it, which is how I ended up with papership. do you use the 'bookmarklet' approach, and what do it give you additionally?
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    The bookmarklet is for saving to your online Zotero library from browsers for which there's no Zotero Connector, which includes Safari on iOS, but bookmarklets like this no longer work very well in modern browsers and on modern websites due to security restrictions that have been added over the years.

    I believe PaperShip lets you save by basically embedding a version of the Zotero bookmarklet, but I don't know how well it works these days.

    The upcoming iOS app will let you save via Safari's Share sheet. For now, when using an unsupported browser, we generally recommend just using the save page or Add by Identifier in the web library.

    None of this is related to viewing PDFs, which can you always do in the web library as long as the files have been synced from the computer where you added them.
  • thanks - my main issue was viewing the PDFs - which didn't seem to be working. I think on reflection I was gradually recognising that this was more a function of how I'd saved the reference/link than the iPad app. thanks for your comments - makes it all much clearer
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