Error with "multiple sources"

I often used the option adding "multiple sources" and it worked. Now it does not work anymore.
Choosing sources is blocked when choosing "multiple sources" and trying to add more than one. Then, green arrows to click is blocked (meaning, no action is possible), so that sources don't move to the right side. Also inserting page numbers as well as click "okay" is blocked.

What can I do?

I think I can solve the problem if I close the programme. However, I am afraid of deleting my librabry of Zotero if I close the programme. I never saved something in Zotero, just never closed the programme.

How can I safe my library that everything is still organized and available after reopening the programme?
  • I responded to your email, but just to reiterate, if you're having trouble, you should restart Zotero. It won't affect your data.
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