Citing an Introduction or Preface with SBLH2

@dstark Can anyone inform me of how to cite an introduction or preface according to the SBLH2 guidelines in 6.2.14?

The intended output looks very similar to what you would find in a book review (i.e., Book Reviewer, review of Reviewed Author, by Author...), only it would need to say "introduction/preface/forward to" instead of "review of." So I don't know if there's a way to edit the "Book Section" or "Book Review" options in order to make it work for prefaces, etc., but any help would be appreciated.
  • This is one case where I'm not sure CSL/Zotero can do exactly what SBLHS2 is asking for. You can get close by using some rich text markup in the title and short title fields. But that'll still give you quotation marks around the title—if you use the titled section item type.

    I've generally cheated a bit in this scenario and treated the introduction as a "titled section" as in 6.2.13. That's not the most precise, but I'm also not sure its exactly wrong. The introduction and preface are, after all, titled sections. ;-)

    Hopefully, though, someone has a better line on a way to get the kind of thing done that 6.2.14 is asking for.
  • Thanks for posting this. I found a similar issue with CMS 14.110 guidelines and just posted a new discussion with a link to this thread.

    Like @dstark said, hopefully someone will have a better solution.
  • @tremolophage and @frigidilius, a better solution is being considered here if you want to watch the progress.

    @bwiernik, it might be playing too lose with the "book" item type, but to identify this situation, could we perhaps give a "part-title" attribute to a "book" item type? (In the vein of an "Also used for …" note like "book" currently has for conference proceedings?)

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