Zotero iOS App on iPad: Storage and Sync

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EDIT: I added a file to my library on the app, but it doesn't seem to get synced over to PC even with the Zotero Sync. Though the collection is synced, but with no files as such. What am I doing wrong?

Where can I find the storage of the Zotero Beta App?
I wished to sync my library without zotero account or webDAV. How can I do it?

I am pretty much confused by ZotFile.

Also, I intend to have notes on both iPad and PC with zotero:// links to pages (annotations extracted) and it should open up the PDF. For that the library needs to be there on both the devices, as I understand. How to achieve it?

  • The iOS app requires file syncing via Zotero Storage or WebDAV. Linked files aren't supported, so ZotFile isn't relevant.

    We've just pushed a new iOS build that should fix some problems with files not being uploaded, so you should update to that and try again.
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    @dstillman Thanks for the response. I have added my webDAV account to use with Zotero.

    Just a quick question, if I have ZotFile extracted annotations with `zotero://` links, will it still open on iOS?
    I mean, if that link is clicked, will the Zotero App be able to open up that pdf? (Assuming everything is "Stored" on webDAV)
  • zotero://select and zotero://open-pdf links aren't supported on iOS currently but they will be eventually.
  • (But that would really just be for notes in external programs. The Zotero beta already has its own way to add annotations to notes with built-in buttons to reopen the PDF page, and those annotations will just be supported on iOS eventually without the need for zotero:// links.)
  • Yes, I maintain notes in a separate software and hence require those links to work in order to hop back on to the sources.

    I would hope those URI would be available in Zotero and would not be discontinued. :(
  • I never said they would be discontinued — I said they'll be supported on iOS eventually. Just that they won't be necessary within the app (and already aren't on the in the Zotero desktop beta).
  • Ah, got it :)
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