Issue with Zotero Connector and google Drive


For quite some time, I have had an issue with Google Drive, I could not edit my files, but I didn't know why, with the following message : "Unable to load the file. Try to load it again or send an error report."
Today, I figured out the culprit was the edge extension "Zotero Connector". I tried disabling all my extensions one by one, and when I disabled Zotero Connector, everything went back to normal.
Is this a known issue ? Is there going to be a fix ?
  • No, that's not something anyone else has ever reported.

    If you re-enable the Zotero Connector, does it start happening again? Does it happen if you restart your browser? Does it happen if you test in another browser?
  • Yes, as soon as Zotero Connector is enabled, I get this message.
    I just tried with Google Chrome and it works.
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