Windows 11: Creating Bibliographies From Zotero

Users accessing Zotero through Windows 11may have noticed that the "Select All" facility doesn't work and that the only way of creating a bibliography in Word format is to select every record one at a time. Could anybody please let me know what Zotero proposes to do about this?
  • Not sure what you're referring to here. If you're having a problem, just report it for yourself — don't suggest that it's affecting everyone.

    See Reporting Problems for the two things we need.
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    If I understand correctly, the "Select All" command is also not working properly for me (in Zotero):
    Using this command via the menu bar (Edit > Select All), no action is taken. However, it does work for me using the "Ctr+A" shortcut.

    I don't know if it is a Windows 11 bug.

    Windows 11 (updated); Zotero beta.63
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    No, Edit → Select All has never selected items. Perhaps it should when the items list has focus, but that's currently just a text field action.

    But it's still not clear what @JohnHaworth is referring to. This doesn't really have anything to do with Word.
  • If you press and hold the "shift" button, you can click on all your references to select them all .
  • @Firewood113: Cmd/Ctrl-A for Select All works fine. This is just about the menu option.
  • I have the same concerns as @JohnHaworth
  • It really is unclear what JohnHaworth's concerns are. As described above, there are multiple ways to select multiple or all items and create bibliographies from them in Zotero.
    If something isn't working, we'd need to know what.
  • There was a tab for bibliographies in Zotero using Window 10. However, using Windows 11, that tab is no longer available.
  • Do you mean the Zotero add-on in Word?
    Nothing particular about that in Windows 11, see for troubleshooting.

    If that's not what you're talking about, you'd have to say more.
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