Journal Abbreviations

I have the problem, that Zotero does not use the manually updated jornal abreviations in the bibliography in word. I have tried adding the citation again in word and i've also tried updating the abbreviation in zotero again. Is the only solution a manual change in my bibliography, whisch makes the citation unable to update?
  • Zotero defaults to automating journal abbreviations based on the journal name, completely ignoring the journal abbreviation in Zotero itself. You can override that by unchecking the "automatically abbreviate journal titles" checkbox in the document preferences. Zotero will then use the content of the journalAbbr field (if it exists; otherwise it falls back to the publication field).
  • I unchecked the box in the documents, but even after several clicks on refreshing and correct and completely filled out journal abbreviations in zotero there are still inconsistencies in the abbreviations: Sometimes it uses the abbreviation e.g. "Eur J Heart F" and sometimes it still falls back to the publication "European Journal of Heart Failure", even if the field journal abbreviation is correctly filled out. Other times, like with the jorunal "Der Internist" it uses the abbreviation "Internist" instead of "Internist (Berl)" which is the correct abbreviation according to the NLM Catalog and also in the abbreviation field. Is there anything else I can try?
  • Unchecking the field "automatically abbreviate journal titles" actually made the whole bibliography worse. Now every second abbreviation is wrong or no abbreviation at all. The journal abbreviation field is not really used for over the half of the bibliography.
  • Can you check those items in a fresh document with that option disabled? Do they look correct there?
    If so, try switching to a different citation style and back.
  • I found, that if I delete the citation in the Text and add the citation again from my librabry that in most cases the author abbreviation in the bibliography changes to the right one. I guess I am investing the next weekend in deleting and adding again every citation in my 80 page long text, as it is the only possibility to change the entry in the bibliography.
    Switching the citation style unfortunately hasn't helped.
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